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Our Vision and Services

  • Provide management consulting services in strategy & operation, data science, analytics, and machine learning.
  • Transform Marketing Campaigns, Advertising, CRM, Risk Management & Fraud Prevention, and Operations.
  • Integrate analytics and machine learning into end-to-end business processes and customer touch points.
  • Recommend optimal, timely, and measurable strategies with performance validations.
  • Share our passion and experiences to incubate, innovate, develop, and design flexible and scalable solutions.
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Our Approach


Our management consulting service covers end to end phases in machine learning ecosystem which identifies business cases, data sources; designs and builds data architecture and data science management plan, provides three types of analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive with recommendation engines. Our solutions aim to automate these processes through system integration,  machine learning, and user interface.

Working with your team to understand your visions, goals, opportunities and challenges; build MVPs to quickly show feasibility,  financial values & other impacts; scale up in operations.

Why Us?

Result Driven and Achievement

More than 20 years' C-level management experiences in data science, analytics, machine learning, marketing, advertising, CRM, risk, fraud, and operations with top banks, retailers, telecommunications, , marketing agencies, and consulting firms.  Have build many such business functions from ground up and managed them to industry best practices. We are equally versed with business and analytics. The rare combination and formula for success .

Our services and solutions aim to create great values with speed, clarity, and transparency.  We build operations to track, monitor, and validate performances.

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Marketing Campaigns


Super charged personalized targeting campaigns across digital channels.  Determine who to contact, when to contact, what are contact recency and frequency,  what are the content and devices.  We build simulators and/or AI tools to automate marketing campaigns with real time ML learning, strategy development & deployment, and performance tracking.

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Customer Management


Retention, Up-sell and Cross-sell are the three pillars for customer management.  Through machine learning, we can derive customer future purchase interests and behaviors and build personalized CRM programs to reach out to customers with optimal strategies.  The solutions can be fully automated and deployed proactively and/or triggered by customer behaviors and touch points.

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Call & Collection Center


For B2C companies with large consumer base, it is resource intensive to manage the incoming workload of customer service and inquire calls.  With ML, we can help companies develop call routing strategies to optimize the call center resources and increase customer experiences. For Collection, we can help build proactive strategies for collection calls.

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Risk & Fraud Management


Credit Risk management and Fraud Prevention are two major areas in customer journey. Both of them could happen at new account acquisitions as well as customer management. We help companies to design and build credit risk and fraud strategies powered by real time machine learning to minimize losses and increase profit, increase fraud prevention scoring odds

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Data Management


Data has become the foundation, the new values, enablement, and a bottleneck for companies to pivot to the age of ML and AI. We help clients to build data visions, strategies, road-map, data architecture, and environment.  We help clients to identify data sources, conduct data analysis and assess data maturity.  We identify the minimum data requirements to build MVPs to show the art of the possible.

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ML/AI Ecosystem


Conduct AI ecosystem analysis focusing on identifying business cases and final AI applications and products. Identify data , platform, and analytic requirements. Build recommendation engine for customized strategies. Develop integration strategies for deployment and performance tracking. 

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